Services for authors and publishers

Development editing
Development editing (also called structural editing and substantive editing) focuses on the big picture. In fiction it covers areas like characterisation, plot, themes and dialogue; in non-fiction it covers areas like content, organisation, logic and clarity. Development editing is all about turning a manuscript into something that will work as a book, whether it be a novel, a memoir, a manual or any other type of book. When I’m done you will receive a marked-up manuscript with margin notes and Track Changes, and also an editorial report of 2,000–3,000 words. You can read more about development editing here.

Copy-editing is about the mechanics of writing. It is concerned with grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, style, consistency and much more besides. The copy-editor examines the detail and makes sure that your writing does what it’s supposed to do and that you are communicating your message as clearly and effectively as possible. When I’m done you will receive a marked-up manuscript with margin notes and Track Changes and a short report. You can read more about copy-editing here.

This is a final check for books and documents that have already been copy-edited. The goal is to correct any typesetting errors and any errors that have slipped through at the copy-editing stage. Additionally, the proofreader is responsible for checking the layout, ensuring that running heads, folios, chapter openers etc. are present and correct, and that all the elements that go into making up the book are where they should be. When I’m done you will receive the marked-up manuscript either in hard copy or electronically, as requested. You can read more about proofreading here.

Rewriting is the creation of a new manuscript or document based on the text or research of the original author. I rewrite non-fiction only.

Short critique
I am happy to assess and edit the first chapter of your book and provide you with a short editorial report.

Services for students and researchers

I can copy-edit your thesis or journal submission so that it is clear, concise and consistent with the preferred style guide of your institution or publication. I can also proofread your work to make sure it’s error free and formatted correctly.

Services for businesses and organisations

I help businesses and organisations by editing their print and online written communication into plain English. I love nothing more than to take my red pen to jargon, legalese and buzzwords, so that your message is accessible and appropriate to your target market.