Recent projects

Biography and memoir
Boiling Point: My Adventures in the Restaurant Game by Nick Munier and Esther McCarthy, Y Books (2010)
Can You Keep a Secret? by Katie Collins and Robert Carry, Ebury (2012)
France: The Soul of a Journey by R. J. O’Donnell, Matador (2014)
Hitmen, Gangsters, Cannibals and Me by Donal MacIntyre, Y Books (2010)
Going Solo on Lake Como by Ciara O’Toole, Flying Leap Publishing (2013)
Jack & Jill: The Story of Jonathan Irwin by Jonathan Irwin, Mercier Press (2014)
Last Days of Katy French, The by Jason O’Toole, Merlin Books (2009)
Paperboy: A Memoir by Tony Macaulay, HarperCollins (2011)
Shattered Silence by Melissa G. Moore, Y Books (2011)
Voyage of Terror by Tere Duperrault, Y Books (2011)

A Winter’s Tail: The Tale of Bat the Cool Dude Marmalade Cat by Cara Collum (2013)
Bozo the Circus Prince by Sinéad Slattery (2013)
The Secrets of Grindlewood by Jackie Burke, Lindon Books (2013)
The Secrets of Grindlewood: The Secret Scroll by Jackie Burke, Lindon Books (2014)

Cocaine Wars by Mick McCaffrey, Summersdale (2011)
Crime Ink: Interviews with Notorious Criminals by Jason O’Toole, Merlin Books (2009)
Dead Man Talking by Mark Heffernan, Y Books (2012)
Evil in Plain Sight by David A. Gibb, Y Books (2011)
Irish Scissor Sisters, The by Mick McCaffrey, Y Books (2011)
Viper, The by Mick McCaffrey, Y Books (2012)

Fiction and poetry
An Argument for Sin by Mike Feeney Callan, Crysis Books (2013)
Calling of John Fitzcanty, The by Declan Jones (2014)
Eighty-five Billion Euro Man, The by Donal Conaty, Y Books (2011)
Incitement by David Graham, Andromeda Publishing (2013)
Music for Valentine by Gregory Raftery (2013)
No Bother by Ferdia MacAnna, DkIT Press (2013)
Nothing Simple by Lia Mills (2014)

General non-fiction
Immaculate Deception, The by Jim Gallagher, Merlin Books (2009)
Off the Rails: Love Your Look by Sonya Lennon and Brendan Courtney, Merlin Books (2009)
Self-Printed: The Sane Person’s Guide to Self-Publishing (3rd ed.) by Catherine Ryan Howard (2014)
Split: True Stories of Relationship Breakdown in Ireland by Rachel Fehily, Y Books (2011)
The Trib: Highlights from the Sunday Tribune by Nóirín Hegarty and Dave Kenny, Y Books (2011)

Health and well-being
Anorexia and Other Eating Disorders by Eva Musby, Aprica (2014) 
Change a Little to Change a Lot by Karen Ward, Merlin Books (2009)
Fertility Code, The by Dermot O’Connor, Y Books (2012)
Open by Eoin McCabe (2012)
Stop Feeding Your Cancer by Dr John Kelly, Pentheum Press (2014)
Word of Mouth: Coping with and Surviving Mouth, Head and Neck Cancers by Dr Denise McCarthy and Lia Mills, Word of Mouth Publications (2013)

16 Dead Men: The Easter Rising Executions by Anne-Marie Ryan, Mercier Press (2014)
The GPO: Two Hundred Years of History by Stephen Ferguson, Mercier Press (2014)